The English Cocker Spaniel Temperament

  1. The English Cocker spaniel is intelligent, merry and affectionate.
  2.  Males tend to show more aggression.
  3.  One study indicates this breed has the highest level of aggression towards owners and strangers.
  4.  The cocker is better suited to families with older children rather than younger children. Parents must teach their children to be kind to their dogs.


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  2. This is the worst characterisation I've ever seen of Engies! They are highly intelligent, sensitive and affectionate dogs. I do not have any knowlege of aggression toward owners! I know and associate with many others who own merry cockers and the bonds between dog and owner are strong and loving. If you are looking for onr of those goofy dumb ddogs, don't go to the cocker. As with most dogs, a well exercised and well loved dog is a happy dog.