Boxer Training Tips And Temperament

  • Start Boxer dog training upon reaching the age of 13-16 weeks
  • The boxer is very aggressive as well as playful and will become your dependable pet. 
  • A Boxer dog may be trained to create him a pleasant guard dog
  • Boxer dog seems to be energetic, he is more spirited in comparison to other dogs.
  • Because of his intellect, a Boxer may not obey you when requesting him to perform a particular thing. The best suggestion under these situations is to keep composure.
    • Serious Boxer training may begin when reaching the age of 3-16 weeks. You have to discard his superior characteristics if he has that. 
    • You must position your foot down to nip this attitude in the beginning and let him listen to you as well as comply with you. 
    • The Boxer should understand that negative behavior would never be allowed.
    • The best time to put the leash on the dog is when it is calm and composed. So the dog should be taught to sit calmly while the leash is slipped on, and follow behind as the owner steps outside first, fully in control.
    • Crate training – there is a place for using this type of training. A crate can make help in housebreaking a puppy, reducing barking issues or resolve anxiety problems.

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