Beagle Useful Training Tips

  •  beagles like a lot of attention and readily respond well to a lot of affection and kindness. 
  • They look to please and are generally very quick learners. They also like to be active, and often look at training as a game. 
  • Very young puppies have short attention spans and it may take several weeks before they fully grasp what it is you are trying to teach them. 
  • Although a puppy's kidneys take several months to develop fully, you should begin housebreaking them by the time they are 2 months old
  • it is  important to keep to a regular feeding schedule. You'll find that the puppy will learn to anticipate these times.
  • young dogs up to six months old should be taken out at least five times a day, while those six to nine months should go outside at least four times daily. 
  • While puppies may fight walking on a leash by tugging against you or even refusing to move (either in play or because they are frightened), just keep walking and pulling him along, and speak to him reassuringly. 
  •  you must take it for extended walks and remember to take it for a swim or a hike.
  •  Beagle doesn't get any activity to make use of its energy, then it becomes restless and causes a lot of unwanted indoor destruction. It tends to keep on chewing or digging things.
  •  property without a fence, install some fences so that the Beagle doesn't get lost.
  • A Beagle is a pack animal - it always prefers to be with a group. Never try to keep a Beagle alone for long periods of time. This will make them bad tempered and lazy.

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