Vital Tips For Daschund Groming


  • A regular brushing with a soft bristle brush will be sufficient.
  • Wirehaired dachshunds need more frequent brushing with a short napped wire bristle brush, especially after the annual spring and fall molting. 

Grooming tips
  • Longhaired dachshunds needs to be regularly brushed and then combed. 

Simple tips for combing and brushing your dog's coat

  • A grooming table has a loop you can put around your dog's neck to better control while you work on the coat. 
  • Next, section off your dog's coat with hair clips or barrettes so that you can concentrate on one area at a time. Brush through each section, then follow with a comb.
  • For shorthaired dachshunds, use a hard rubber brush or a mitt with rubber nubs. After brushing use a silk scarf and rub it over the coat to shine it up as finishing touch.


You can also give your dog fatty acids such as fish oil or other liquids or capsules specially formulated for improved hair coat and skin quality. This won't stop shedding.


Dachshund Bathing
  • Dachshunds produce a special hair fat that serves an insulating layer to protect it against the elements. 
  • Bathing removes this hair fat which makes the coat softer but also makes your dog more vulnerable. 

Longhaired grooming

Longhaired Dachshund
  • it is important to blow-dry them after you bathe them instead of allowing them to air-dry.
  • Keeping the coat brushed and cleaned regularly goes a long way in keeping her longhaired coat manageable
  • In some instances if you've neglected grooming your longhaired, she may have some serious tangle issues that may need to be cut out. 

Additional brushing tips

  • Brush in the direction of hair growth, beginning at the head, and work towards the tail and down the legs. 
  • Slicker brushes are ideal for this purpose but are also a good general brush if used lightly
  • Pin brushes, with rounded tips to prevent damage to the skin, are good for dogs with long, fine hair. 
  • Bristle brushes are good for dogs with very long coats and help add shine to the short coat
  • Grooming mitts are also good for shorthaired to add polish and shine once the loose hairs are removed.

Toe Nail Trimming Vet

Nail trimming

Nail ClippersExercising your dachshund on pavement regularly helps knock back claws nicely. Otherwise you will need to trim the claws. Use a trimmer designed for dog’s claws. 

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  1. I have read in several places that sometimes it is necessary to brush against the direction of hair growth, especially in long haired dogs, to ensure that most of the dead hair is removed and shedding is to the minimal. What are your opinions on this? I own a Rough Collie FYI.