English Springer Spaniel Health Issues or concerns


  • All floppy-eared dogs need consistant ear-care.
  • Most veterinarians recommend cleaning the ears weekly as a preventative. If you see dark brown wax, it's a sign of trouble.


  • Some Springers have been diagnosed with eye problems. 
  • Retinal dysplasia and retinal folds are genetic defects present at birth in which the retina may be curved or irregularly shaped and may also be detached. 
  • They cause small blind spots, but rarely cause a problem for the dog.

Joint Problems

  • Canine Hip Dysplasia can affect Springers, though the percentage of affected dogs is moderate.  CHD is inherited through a combination of multiple genes.
  • Puppies from two certified dogs can still have hip problems. 


  • Phosphofructokinase deficiency (PFK) is a recently discovered inherited autosomal recessive trait,  found in ESS's and some ECS's.
  • The PFK gene regulates the level of enzymes that convert sugar into energy. 
  • Symptoms of an Affected dog are intermittent dark urine, pale gums, fever, and poor appetite. These symptoms usually occur after a period of stress or strenuous exercise. 

Seizure Disorder

  • Data collected at this point seems to indicate that incidence of this problem in ESS is similar to the number of affected dogs in the general canine population, but somewhat more difficult to control. 

Allergies, Thyroid

  • English Springers sometimes have skin/allergy problems; however, the percentage of dogs with these problems is fairly low. 
  • Keeping the environment clear of fleas, as well as supplementing the diet with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can go a long way to controlling skin flare-ups.
  • Many breeds have occasional dogs with thyroid problems. Lethargy and coarse coat can be signs of a problem. Blood tests and medication can keep it under control.

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