Staffordshire Bull Terrier Health Issues or Concerns

Known health issues in the breed include

  •  canine hip
  •  elbow dysplasia
  •  progressive retinal atrophy
  •  cerebellar ataxia
  •  hypothyroidism and heart disease
  •  Staffies are really rocket powered, with some suffering gas problems
  •  Many Bull Terriers have a tendency to develop skin allergies. Insect bites, such as those from fleas, and sometimes mosquitoes and mites, can produce a generalized allergic response of hives, rash, and itching.

  •  This problem can be stopped by keeping the dog free of contact from these insects.
  •  Adding oils to their meals can also vastly improve the quality of their coat.
  •  Any whiteness around the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, stomach or hindquarters with a short and sparse haired breed such as this must be protected against the sun with a gentle but high SPF factored sunscreen to prevent sunburn and subsequent cancer.
  •  Bull Terriers can also suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, such as tail sucking, self mutilation, and obsessive licking.

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