Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Temperament

  • This breed needs a very dominant experienced owner
  • As the Staffordshire Bull Terrier lives at full speed, and nothing is done by halves.
  • These dogs are very people friendly and love with children.

  •  One of the biggest problems for this dog is the chewing, they do. 
  • It will be no good just giving them a few plastic chew toys as these will be in shreds in minutes with possibly health concerns due to plastic being swallowed.
  • They can be trained in obedience and agility and are in the top of the field in the UK. 
  • This dog breed that needs and loves a challenge, so set ones that you can use rather than the dog choosing things you do not want.
  •  All family members have to be firm consistent leaders, for this dog to understand its place in the family, so families with young children or lacking good dog leadership and experience should not get this dog.
  •  This dog is strong and without the good leadership can become stubborn and very hard to handle.
  •  It cannot be stressed enough that this dog has brilliant stamina and needs very long walks daily.

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