Dachshund Training process,Best way to train Dachshund puppy

They have to learn to obey the basic commands in the training process.

  1. Basic commands like sit, stay and off must be taught to your Dachshund puppies.While he performs the action in the right manner, you can immediately offer the treat to him. 
  2. Dachshund puppy has long backs and short legs and hence all the dog tricks may not be possible for him.
  3.  There are some tricks that involve speaking, shaking, or rolling over and your dachshund puppy, if trained properly, will be able to them.
  4. Tricks like fetching and agility training may be a little tough and hence you should limit them to a lower level so that you can prevent back injuries to puppy.
  5.  Dachshund puppy is a stubborn animal and hence you must be more stubborn to train him. 
  6. For potty training him, you must take him to the chosen place many times during the day for relieving himself.
  7. He will slowly start associating the spot with the business of potty and does the act rightly whenever you take him over there.
  8.  You should be consistent in dachshund puppy training.
  9. Give dachshund puppy plenty of physical exercises appropriate to his age. Long walks and play will make him tired and he will not indulge in undesirable behavior like chewing your expensive furniture, carpets or shoes. 

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