How To Train Bull Dog In Best Way, Training Tips

Champ's Boss, a 2 year old male English Bulldog - Courtesy of Champ Bulldogs
British Bulldog

  • Bulldog training takes a great deal of patience, perseverance and consistency.
  •  Potty training/house breaking should begin immediately.Using a crate to house break/potty train your dog should be done with the proper equipment.
  •  crate should ideally be large enough to allow movement for the dog. Stand, sit and stretch out and have enough space to paper part of it for elimination. 
  • Bulldogs are stubborn and training bulldogs requires you to be just as stubborn. 
  • Replace the item he may be chewing on with something that is allowed such as a chew toy. Remember puppies teeth just as human babies do.
  • Nipping or biting should never be tolerated. This too should be met with a "no" command and enforced each and every time they do it. 
  • It is important to get the dog used to the collar and leash as soon as he is in your possession.
  • While bulldogs are not going to be doing a huge number of tricks and won't be running around your yard with carefree airs, they do enjoy and need exercise which is accomplished by long leisurely walks.

Key Training Tips  For  Socialization and Obedience For American Bulldog

American Bulldog

  • The strong personality of American Bulldogs makes them a source of envy for people who want to own strong and independent dogs. 
  • A meek and indecisive owner would never succeed in training tough and dominant dogs.
  •  Provide all its needs for adequate food, exercise, and training. It is also important to start giving your dog some obedience training and socialization exercises at an early age. 
  • Since this dog has a dominant nature, teaching it during its early stages of puppyhood is much easier in order to prevent it from going against your orders and requests.
  • However, making use of punishments during his training would not be as effective as using encouraging rewards.
  • During the socialization of your bulldog, you should expose it to people who are close to you or other animals inside your home or neighborhood. 

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