Best Way or Important Tips To Train West Highland WhiteTerrier

  • Keep your Westie confined in his crate when you cannot watch him.
  • Watch your Westie closely to discover what type of signals he gives off before he eliminates. Some puppies will begin to sniff the carpet frantically and others may begin to circle as they look for a spot to eliminate.
  • Open the crate door and take your Westie outside immediately when she wakes up in the morning or after daytime confinement. 
  • Take your Westie puppy outside to eliminate every 10 minutes during playtime.
  • Catch your Westie in the act of eliminating accidentally in the house in order for your efforts to be effective. Punishing after the fact does not work.
  • Guide your Westie to the door immediately after he drinks. If you give your puppy a big bowl of water after a long walk or play session, pay close attention.
  • Walk your Westie after feeding time. Most Westies will need to urinate 10 minutes after feeding and pass a bowel movement within 30-45 minutes of eating.

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