Boxer Temperament

  • Boxers are a bright, energetic and playful breed and tend to be very good with children.
  • They are active and incredibly strong dogs and require adequate exercise to prevent boredom-associated behaviors such as chewing, digging, or licking.
  •  They have earned a slight reputation of being "headstrong," which can be related to inappropriate obedience training. 
  • The Boxer by nature is not an aggressive or vicious breed but, when provoked, is a formidable guardian of any family or home and, like all dogs, requires socialization. 
  • Boxers are generally patient with smaller dogs and puppies, but difficulties with larger adult dogs, especially those of the same sex, may occur. 
  • More severe fighting can also occur among female boxers.Boxers are generally more comfortable with companionship, in either human or canine form.

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