West Highland WhiteTerrier useful grooming tips

  •  West Highland WhiteTerrier grooming includes following key considerations:
  •  A show dog must be hand stripped to give the dog its Westie look - round head, carrot-shaped tail, and blended skirt.
  • Hand stripping involves actually pulling hairs. When they grow back, they tend to be straighter and coarser. 
  • A clipped Westie coat will be softer and curlier, and more prone to staining.
  • Because of their white coats, staining is another problem peculiar to West Highland Terrier grooming. 
  • If the hair is white at the base, licking might be the problem, and is often triggered by cuts and abrasions, or objects lodged in the hair around the paw.
  • Hair that is stained down to the base may indicate a fungal or yeast infection, and your Westie should see a veterinarian.
  • Staining around the muzzle is most often caused by the food the dog eats.-
  • Check for red food dies, or beets in the formula. 
  • If you want your Westie to attain show dog perfection, a cotton ball dipped in hydrogen peroxide, and wiped on the beard daily, will lighten and prevent the stains

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