Springer Spaniel puppies owners must aware of growth stages

21-28 days Puppy begins to learn that he is a dog. He needs a stable environment.

Canine Socialization
21-49 days Puppy interacts with Mom and littermates and learns the various behaviors that make him a dog.

Human Socialization
7-1 2 weeks Puppy has the brain waves of an adult dog. This is the best time for going to a new home.

Fear Impact
8-11 weeks Avoid subjecting Puppy to frightening experiences during this time. Traumatic experiences can have a lasting effect during this very critical period.

Seniority Classification
13-16 weeks Puppy is cutting teeth and cutting the apron strings. He is testing to see who the pack leader is.

Flight Instinct
4-8 months Puppy tests his wings B he ventures on his own and may not come when called. Remember to not call Puppy and then punish him or he will learn that coming to you is definitively a bad thing to do. Keep the training up including recall work.

Second Fear
Impact 6-14 months May happen more than once. Puppy may suddenly be reluctant to approach something new or be frightened of something new or someone familiar. Be patient and kind. Do not force him into a confrontation or reinforce his fear through petting or soothing tones. Keep training positively to get his confidence up..
1-4 years May have an increase in aggression and a renewed testing for leadership. Handle firmly but fairly, and keep up the training and praise for proper responses.

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