Useful Tips To Train a Springer Spaniel

Training a Springer Spaniel

If u need a well-trained dog , you have to spend lot of time with your puppy and work with dedication and motivation to teach you puppy. It will be delightful to see your puppy act in the way which you are commanding.
House Training
House training should start as soon as you bring your new puppy home. He will need to be taken outside several times a day to learn not to do his business in the house. Using the same area outside will help teach him more quickly. It’s a good idea to take your puppy outside after meals, as what goes in must come out!
At night time, or if your dog has to be left alone for a short period of time, keep him in the same area – ideally where there are tiles or a hard floor that can be easily cleaned.
When to Train

Five to ten minutes is enough for your Springer at first, otherwise he will become bored. It’s a good idea to train before mealtimes so the dog sees the food as a reward.
How to Train
Always use praise when your Springer learns a new technique, never punishment. Hitting or shouting at a dog is both cruel and frightening for them and will not produce a well-trained dog.
The use of small treats to reward a dog when he is training is helpful, but don’t give him too many as this runs the risk of him becoming overweight.
Collar and Lead
One of the first things is to get your puppy used to a collar and lead as you’ll soon be starting on those long walks in the countryside. Put the collar Boldon for a few minutes a day and gradually increase the time the dog wears it.
Teaching a Dog his Name

It seems obvious, but a dog needs to learn his name as soon as possible so he comes when called.

The main commands are sit, stay, heel, down and come. These can be taught be using a firm but friendly tone. Always look at your dog when you say the words.
  • Sit can be taught by holding your puppy’s face gently in one hand and firmly pressing down on his rear with the other whilst saying ‘sit’
  • Stay is the next logical command to teach. When your puppy is in the sitting position use one hand to gently hold him and move the other in a downward position whilst saying ‘stay’
  • Heel should be taught when your Springer is used to walking on a lead. You should have him level with your knees and give a sharp tug and say ‘heel’ each time he tries to steam ahead and take you for the walk
  • Down can be taught from the sitting position. Whilst saying ‘down’ position both the dog’s front paws flat to the ground. This is a comfortable position for the dog so should be easy to teach. This command is useful for a dog that jumps up a lot, particularly a Springer.
Come is another way to get your Springer to return to you on command as well as using his name. It is taught by having your dog on a long lead and gently pulling him towards you as you say ‘come’.

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