How To Train Cavalier King Charles Spaniel In Best Way

Below are some training tips you might find useful in training your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Be prepared 

  • Set up a small room to be his very own sanctuary.
  • Provide warm and comfortable dog bed and warm water bottle.
  • Puppy-proofing the house is highly recommended. This aims to keep these curious little creatures safe from poisons and other possible dangers at home.

Be positive

  • Positive reinforcement includes giving of special food treats, the chance to play with his favorite toys, social interaction with other dogs and the owner's time, attention and praise. 
  • The use of positive reinforcement aims to increase the chance of the behavior being exhibited again.

Avoid physical punishment 
  • Physical punishments are risky and almost never necessary. 
  • Rubbing your dog's nose in his dirt, yelling at a barking dog or jerking the leash when the dog pulls are not the best ways to correct a dog's behavior.

Keep training sessions short 

  • Remember that dogs, especially puppies have short attention span. 
  • They get bored easily that is why training sessions must be kept short, say fifteen minutes or so on a single command. 

Keep a routine

  • You need to be consistent in your puppy's daily routine in order to make him a fine-mannered that is pleasant to be around.
  • Daily feeding, grooming, potty and playing activities must be on regular basis.

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