useful or vital tips to train Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed

Right Time To Give Training
  1. The first thing to remember is that you have to understand what kind of training your bull terrier needs and know how and when to give it to them.  A lot of owners, especially new ones, make the false assumption that their dog is smarter than they really are.  
  2. Don't forget your bull terrier is still an animal with instincts that have been shaped and formed for hundreds of years. 
  3. it's best to focus your energy on learning how to shape your dog's unwanted behaviors and not harshly scold them and/or yell at them. 

Bull Terrier Core Training Tips

Terrier Leash Training

Terrier owners will find that dogs of this breed tend to be highly energetic, which can make walking them challenging at times as they'll want to run and tug on the leash.  The best thing you can help your terrier do is to arrive at a calm balanced state.  

Terrier Crate Training

Giving your dog a crate to live in will give your terrier a place to call its own.  Don't use the crate as a time-out or punishment corner and remember to spend some time with your bull terrier in his or her crate so they can get accustomed to it. 

Terrier Obedience Training

you'll learn from trained professionals how to properly display control over your new puppy and how to give them clear and strong commands they can respond to.

The Alpha Dog Position

 When you gain and maintain that position, they're much more likely to obey and respect your instructions and commands. 

Parting Thoughts On Consistency

while dogs can be quite intelligent on their own, a lot of how they learn and grow depends on repeated consistent training in key environments.  If you start a good pattern of training and waffle away to training them or giving them instruction only when you have a few spare minutes on hand, you'll start to introduce inconsistency.  

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