How To Train Golden Retriver In Best Way

  • Retriever pups are lovable and enjoy playing. In this young and wiggly period of your puppie's daily life, you should begin training. 
  • Retriever training must start once you get the doggie home, by making certain he knows where his food and water are, where he'll visit the bathroom, and exactly where he will snooze. 
  • Your Retriever puppy dog education will need to tackle your pup's natural love of chewing
  • Provide suitable playthings for your dog to munch, make certain he isn't tearing them apart and eating any harmful materials, and try to puppy-proof your house as well as possible.
  • You may also commence leash instruction at this stage of your Golden Retriever puppy instruction. Start throughout the house, to be sure your dog is acquainted and comfy with the leash prior to taking him out in public. 

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